May 08, 2024, Durham, NC – iRT is pleased to announce that the Plan My Ride program has received a 2024 Learning Excellence Award in the Design, Content Creation, and Video category.

Learning Excellence Awards recognize business training and learning programs and products for their level of innovation, effectiveness, and relevance. Programs and products are judged in a rigorous evaluation and voting process for their validity and compliance by a team of senior level judges from across the training, learning, and development sector. Plan My Ride was selected from a list of various training and learning innovations in the competitive Design, Content Creation, and Video category for its impressive micromodules, interactive scenarios, booster lessons, and 360-degree virtual reality videos. In addition, the program was recognized at the Learning Excellence Awards ceremony in London, England, on April 16, 2024.

Plan My Ride is an eLearning course that can be delivered remotely or in conjunction with an in-person, instructor-led class with the ultimate goal of improving new drivers’ attitudes and perceived norms about impaired driving, self-efficacy to avoid distracted or impaired driving, and intentions to drive safely. Young people who participate in the Plan My Ride program complete interactive learning activities, videos, animations, self-reflections, and review activities, so they can learn important planning, communication, and social skills to avoid driving distracted or impaired. Then, learners participate in two immersive, 360-degree, role-play scenarios to practice making decisions to avoid impaired driving and to apply skills they have learned in a safe, realistic, virtual environment. The course goes beyond educating teens and young adults about the dangers of distracted and drug- or alcohol- impaired driving to include other conditions where drivers may be distracted such as using a cell phone while driving.

iRT collaborated with D3 Training Solutions, LLC in the development of Plan My Ride to ensure that the program not only promotes wellbeing of young people but also improves equity, scalability, and education quality for our nation’s youth. The team prioritized the utilization of technologies and incorporation of features that are engaging and relevant to young people as well as accessible to users with a wide range of abilities and needs. The program was awarded a 2023 Diamond Award from LearnX® for Best Accessibility in the Best eLearning Design category for its accessibility and usability.

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