April 03, 2023, Durham, NC – Are you looking for training programs and evaluation resources to take your mentoring program to the next level? Mentoring Central’s annual membership is your one-stop shop for access to a large array of training, evaluation, and mentoring-related products for your mentoring program. Whether your program offers Community-based mentoring, Site-based mentoring, e-Mentoring, Group mentoring, or some combination of these program models, the membership package will meet the needs of your program.

With access to all of Mentoring Central’s trainings through our annual membership, you can enroll mentors, program staff, mentees, and parents or guardians of mentees in multiple eLearning courses, so that they receive a well-rounded training experience and are prepared for every step of the mentoring relationship. Mentoring Central’s core eLearning courses, including the Building the Foundation, Ethics and Safety, and Building and Maintaining the Relationship for mentees, mentors, and parents or guardians of mentees are included in the membership. In addition, the annual membership includes courses designed to prepare mentors to build a mentoring relationship with mentees from diverse backgrounds or mentees participating in mentoring programs with special goals. These resources can help you provide training that is tailored to the specific needs of your volunteers and mentees. For example, a new course, Substance of Change, helps mentors who are working with mentees who are impacted by opioids or other drugs. Another special topics course, Promoting Enhanced Resilience & Learning (PERL), trains mentors in programs designed for mentees with learning differences or that have the goal of helping mentees improve in their educational outcomes. The PERL course teaches mentors about how to support mentees to have a growth mindset, set realistic goals, and deepen their school engagement.

By purchasing the annual membership, mentoring programs receive access to all of Mentoring Central’s instructor-led training materials as well. Each mentoring program has its own policies, procedures, and requirements. This information is critical for new mentors to know so that they have realistic expectations and also don’t violate any rules. Mentoring Central Membership also gives you access to the Orientation to Your Mentoring Program for New Mentors online kit that can be customized to meet your unique program’s practices. Furthermore, if you prefer to provide pre-match training to your mentors in person rather than have them complete it online, we have created a parallel version of the evidence-based Building the Foundation mentor training course for conducting an instructor-led workshop. There are two options for this course for either community-based mentoring programs or site-based program. In addition, if you want to provide additional in-depth skills-based training to mentors, you will have access to the virtual kit to conduct a Building Your Mentoring Skills workshop. Finally, mentees need pre-match training as much as mentors, so that they know what to expect and how to stay safe. To address the training needs of mentees, we converted the eLearning course for mentees into materials for use in an instructor-led workshop that can be facilitated by your program staff with groups of youth called the Building the Foundation for Mentees Workshop.

As a member of Mentoring Central, you will gain access to standards-based evaluation resources to assess your mentoring program’s practices and rebuild areas of your program for higher quality mentoring. Through membership, you can create online surveys to deploy through the eTrove data collection system to gather feedback from mentors, mentees, and parents or guardians regarding your program’s success. Membership also includes access to EQUIP, Mentoring Central’s mentoring program evaluation system, so you can ensure that your program meets the standards of the EEPM. By completing EQUIP’s self-reporting questionnaire and receiving a self-assessment report, you will develop actionable steps to improve the quality of your program’s practices for greater positive outcomes for mentees.

Mentoring Central now provides expanded membership options for small mentoring programs! Through Mentoring Central’s simple annual membership renewal process, you can save time and money by not having to search for high quality training courses for your staff, mentors, mentees, and parents.

Visit the Mentoring Central website to browse for membership packages that best suit the size and needs of your mentoring program.