Dr. Christina Malik, Elyse Keefe, and Abigail Morrison from Prevention Central (a division of innovation Research & Training) will be presenting at the SHIFT NC annual conference, Diving Below the Surface: Exploring the Depths of Adolescent Sexual Health, next week on Thursday, May 16, 2:00-3:15 p.m., in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Sexual Health Initiatives for Teens (SHIFT) is a North Carolina nonprofit organization that is committed to improving adolescent and young adult sexual health. For nearly two decades, the organization’s annual conference has brought together groups who are committed to improving sexual health for young people. And, for several years, iRT has been proud to contribute by presenting at the conference about what we’ve learned from our groundbreaking research on promoting healthy behaviors among youth.

Our hands-on session for this year, Adolescent Sexual Health in the Digital Age: Addressing Consent and Healthy Relationships Using a Media Literacy Education Approach, will explain and demonstrate how our innovative approach to sexual health can be used by educators as well as health care and youth-serving professionals.

Throughout our presentation, the Prevention Central research team will share how media literacy education can be used as an effective framework for talking about important sexual health topics such as gender role stereotypes, rape myths, consent, and healthy relationships. Rather than a traditional lecture, we will invite attendees to participate in the presentation through opportunities to actively analyze media messages. In addition, attendees will gain valuable practice in media advocacy by creating positive messages together.

In addition to our presentation, the broader Prevention Central media literacy education team will have a chance to connect with and learn from other colleagues at the conference. On both May 16 and 17, team members will be staffing an exhibit table at the conference in order to network and share more information about Prevention Central prevention programs and research findings.

“I always look forward to the SHIFT NC conference,” said Dr. Christina Malik, a media literacy and sexual health education research scientist. “It is a great opportunity to connect with advocates for adolescent health from across the state, especially those who are working with and empowering young people.”

From exploring sexual health curricula for youth with developmental disabilities to designing LBGT friendly programs, SHIFT NC is an opportunity for a wide range of health educators and professionals to come together and share their expertise.

Come to the Prevention Central session or exhibit table and say “hi!”

Our presentation- Thursday May 16, 2:00-3:15 B4

Adolescent Sexual Health in the Digital Age: Addressing Consent and Healthy Relationships Using a Media Literacy Education Approach

This workshop will describe the latest research on media and their impact on adolescent sexual health, paying special attention to broader topics like gender roles, rape myths, consent, and healthy relationships. Media literacy education (MLE) represents an engaging, innovative, and accessible way to teach comprehensive sexual education to adolescents. Participants will see MLE in action and learn effective strategies that they can apply to a variety of educational settings. Attendees will engage with each other in an analysis of media messages and a lively breakout activity, including the creation of positive messages (media advocacy).