May 10, 2023, Durham, NC – iRT has released a new Base Package of Plan My Ride, currently being sold by our marketing partners Innocorp, ltd., to best meet the needs of our customers.

Plan My Ride is an interactive eLearning program that can be delivered remotely or in conjunction with an in-person class, designed to help new drivers learn and practice skills to avoid distracted driving and drug- and alcohol-impaired driving. The program, designed for teens and young adults, goes beyond educating about the dangers of distracted and impaired driving, by additionally teaching skills specific to how young people can avoid distracted and impaired driving.

Plan My Ride consists of three engaging lessons, which can be completed in approximately 75-90 minutes, containing interactive learning activities, videos, animations, self-reflections, and review activities. The program also includes two immersive 360-degree scenarios to practice important planning, communication, and social skills taught in the program to avoid driving distracted or impaired.

The Plan My Ride Base Package also includes an instructor training course, which provides individuals implementing the Plan My Ride program with background information about the problem of distracted and drug- and alcohol-impaired driving, best practices for implementing the course, access to the student course, and an instructor’s guide with suggestions for instructor-led group activities and discussions to further deepen student learning. Administrators purchasing the training program receive access to a dashboard for enrolling their students in the program and tracking course progress. In addition, schools and other youth serving programs can purchase a customized login page branded with their school’s or organization’s logo. Administrators can utilize a one-hour consultation with Plan My Ride experts to guide the set-up and implementation of the program for their organization.

iRT has collaborated with Innocorp, a renowned impaired driving education company, to distribute the new Plan My Ride Base Package. Given Innocorp’s expertise in awareness about impaired driving, as well as their success in developing driver impairment education products for teens, iRT is honored to partner with Innocorp in the marketing and distribution of Plan My Ride.

“iRT is proud to be selected for representation by Innocorp due to its long history of supporting safety education programs across a wide variety of settings including police departments, post-secondary schools, high schools, the military, and many civic and community organizations in more than 100 countries,” iRT President Janis Kupersmidt says.

The new Plan My Ride Base Package includes 300 seats in the student course and three seats in the instructor course. The course is online and can be completed on a computer or mobile device. Students are given access to three self-paced lessons and two immersive 360-degree video experiences to complete role-play activities and realistic decision-making scenarios. Safe driving habits and skills are best developed with practice, and Plan My Ride’s immersive scenarios allow students to role-play and make decisions to avoid distracted driving, substance use, driving under the influence of alcohol in a realistic and low risk environment.

The Plan My Ride Base Package is a more cost-effective option for accessing Plan My Ride’s content and innovative features for large groups of youth than purchasing seats to the course individually. If you would like to try Plan My Ride’s new Base Package, visit