Research that Drives Results


Assessment & Mobile Screening

iRT develops assessment tools and software applications to measure social-cognitive and emotion abilities, and screen for mental health disorders or substance misuse risk.



iRT develops programs and services to improve the lives of people with disabilities.



Access to effective, high-quality, online educational resources provides a critically important avenue to improve equity, standardization, and scalability to our nation’s youth. iRT is at the forefront of developing multimedia-rich, accessible, interactive, web- and mobile-based eLearning programs.


Media Literacy Education

We are immersed in a media world. iRT has unparalleled expertise in teaching children, teens, parents, and teachers skills to navigate through thousands of media messages to be able to make healthy, responsible, independent decisions.



Mentoring provides role models, social connectedness and a sense of belonging, and skills development for millions of youth and young adults. iRT studies mentoring as well as develops tools and services to support mentoring programs to maximize their impact on mentees.


Mindfulness Education

iRT develops online and school-based programs to bring mindfulness into the lives of children and adolescents.


Parents & Families

iRT develops programs and services for parents and families to promote health and well-being in children.


Research Resources

Researchers increasingly need efficient and innovative web-based tools to conduct their research involving human participants. iRT is developing high-quality, multimedia rich, accessible, web- and mobile-based resources for their own research and to support the work of researchers around the world.


Safe Driving

iRT develops innovative, research-based training and resources to promote safe driving using both individual and environmental prevention strategies.



iRT is dedicated to increasing the recruitment and retention of underrepresented groups, such as first-generation college students, students from ethnic or racial minority groups, women, and persons with a disability, into STEM careers.


Substance Use Prevention

iRT is committed to preventing substance use and misuse through the development of evidence-based programs and services.


Violence Prevention

Preventing violence is a key concern for every school, youth-serving organization, and community; and it requires not only reducing violent behaviors, but also promoting positive behaviors that can buffer against the risk factors encountered by youth. iRT is dedicated to developing effective, scalable, developmentally appropriate, engaging interventions to address the issue of interpersonal violence.


Workplace Wellness

iRT develops tools and resources to translate scientific knowledge into implementation strategies to improve workplace safety and health, with a particular focus on small businesses.

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