Our Mission

innovation Research and Training (iRT) is committed to conducting high quality, innovative basic and applied research as well as creating products and services that better society with a focus on enhancing the mental health, health, and quality of life of children, adolescents, families, communities, and organizations. iRT staff members apply cutting edge clinical and technical knowledge and skills to developing and evaluating, and helping others to develop and evaluate, evidence-based programs and services.

Our History

iRT was founded in April of 1999 by Dr. Janis Kupersmidt as a way of attempting fill the many gaps among basic research findings, social policy, intervention, prevention programs and clinical practice. Because of IRT’s foundation in the social, clinical social, and behavioral sciences, the company has a unique commitment to the application of the most current scientific findings, methods, and best practices to identifying and solving significant real-world problems facing children, families, communities, organizations, and other social systems. The company is dedicated to using innovative, evidence-based, cost-effective, culturally sensitive, and strength-based methods in assessment, research, and training with the highest professional standards of excellence.

The versatile and multidisciplinary professional staff consists of both basic and applied researchers with considerable experience as scientists, practitioners, program administrators, and policy makers. IRT also has access to and utilizes an extensive network of scientists and scholars to provide strategic advice on focal questions, on an as-needed basis.

iRT’s broad areas of focus and expertise include: substance abuse prevention and treatment; child and adolescent social and emotional skills development; child and adolescent mental health; adult and juvenile justice programs; healthcare; media literacy; drug courts; underage drinking; and domestic violence.

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