Rethinking Sexuality Education: A Web-based Solution

Scull, T., Malik, C., Kupersmidt, J., Moallem, M. (2016, March 21). Rethinking Sexuality Education: A Web-based Solution. SITE 2016: Savannah, GA


Objectives: Use web-based self-directed learning to help adolescents overcome barriers in sexual health education.

Methods: Using a Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) or Goal-Based Scenario (GBS) design model, a WBSDL was designed, developed, and implemented to ensure that accurate health information is taught to middle school students and to decrease potential student embarrassment that may accompany group instruction.

Results: Adolescents learned medically accurate sexual health content with minimal embarrassment in a format that was engaging, easy-to-use, and highly rated.

Conclusions: This study provides substantial evidence for the use of WBSDL using CBR/GBS as the instructional design model for adolescent sexual health promotion programs.