Prevention Program

Media Literacy Education

  • AUDIENCE: High school students

  • METHOD: In-person, instructor-led curriculum

  • LENGTH: 12 lessons

  • DESCRIPTION: 50 minutes/lesson

Media World Home Screenshot

Media World

Teach high school students critical thinking skills about media messages to prevent use of alcohol, tobacco, vaping, smokeless tobacco, marijuana, steroids, and misuse of prescription medications.


Kupersmidt, J. B. (2019, August). Media World: Media literacy, substance abuse prevention program for high school students. Workshop presented at the National Prevention Network, Chicago, IL.

Kupersmidt, J.B. & Scull, T.M. (2014, April). An evaluation of Media Aware, a media literacy education substance abuse prevention program for high school students. Poster presented at The School District of Philadelphia’s Research, Policy, and Practice (R2P) Conference, Philadelphia, PA.

Kupersmidt, J. B. & Scull, T. M. (2013, May). An evaluation of the effectiveness of media literacy education for substance abuse prevention in high school students. Poster presented at the Annual Conference of the Society for Prevention Research, San Francisco, CA


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