Prevention Program

Media Literacy Education

  • AUDIENCE: Elementary school students

  • METHOD: e-Learning

  • LENGTH: 2 hours, plus more for extra activities

  • DESCRIPTION: Media Detective Family offers a major “case” for families to solve using media literacy clues. Along the way, everyone will learn how to think critically and resist negative media influences. Media Detective Family also offers 26 Cold Case Files, further enrichment activities to practice media literacy.

Media Detective Family screenshot

Media Detective Family

Media Detectives Snoop and Scoop teach families the strategies advertisers use to persuade people to use alcohol and tobacco products and discover the missing health information about what really happens when you use alcohol and tobacco. Parents and students learn to critically analyze and reject unhealthy persuasive media messages to prevent use of alcohol, tobacco, and vaping products.



Scull, T. M. (2019, August). Media Detective: A creative approach to substance use prevention in elementary school. Presentation for the NC 21st Century Community Learning Centers Summer Institute, Guilford Tech Community College in Jamestown, NC.

Scull, T.M. & Kupersmidt, J.B., & Weatherholt, T. (2016, May). Reducing health disparities in rural communities through an interactive, web-based family media literacy education program for substance abuse prevention. Poster presented at the Society for Prevention Research, San Francisco, CA.


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