Purpose: To create and rigorously evaluate a self-paced, web-based, interactive, match training program for pre-match mentors

Mentor completing Ethics & Safety online


irt AWARE for Teens with FASD


This project completed the creation of a web-based training mentor program and evaluated the efficacy of the program for prospective mentors of children.

The final program consists of three web-based training courses containing integrated multimedia resources, interactive activities, short quizzes for demonstration of mastery of key concepts and skills, and journaling.

Course content includes building the foundation for the mentoring relationship; the first meeting with the mentee; common ethical dilemmas faced by mentors; establishing and maintaining a positive mentoring relationship with a child; and closure of the mentoring relationship.

In Phase I of the project, the first course was developed, scripted, filmed, and programmed. Two feasibility studies were successfully conducted with program staff and mentors, and both groups reported high levels of satisfaction with the modality of training delivery, the content of the course, and the usability of the website and lessons.

Phase II involved creating two additional courses and associated resources; customization of the learning management system for the training program; conducting two feasibility studies of the new courses; and conducting a short-term randomized controlled trial of the effectiveness of the Preparing for Mentoring training program for improving mentors’ knowledge, attitudes, and self-efficacy to mentor as well as longevity and satisfaction in the mentoring relationship.



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