Free Webinar: How to Support Youth Affected by Opioids and Other Drugs

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In 2020, there were over 93,000 drug overdoses – a record high. Children and families across the country are affected by the opioid epidemic and addictive substances.

Mentors need foundational information about opioids, plus guidance for how they can be supportive and helpful to substance misuse-affected mentees. Understanding red flags that youth may be using and the pathways to addiction are essential for mentor training. You won’t want to miss it!

In response to this national crisis, psychologists at iRT, with input and feedback from practitioners at Leadership Foundation and substance misuse professionals, developed the Substance of Change (SOC) course to train mentors in how to support and help mentees who may be recovering from, misusing, or at risk for misusing opioids or other drugs. The Substance of Change asynchronous online course offers research-based and practice-informed content for training mentors about opioids and the effect of opioids on the lives of mentees.

After completing the course, mentors will have the tools they need to understand addiction pathways, support positive growth in their mentees, and a set of key goals for their mentees that may be negatively impacted by exposure to opioids or other drugs. This training will help mentors support mentees who are affected by substance misuse.

Interested in learning more about this mentor training course and the collaborative process that supported its development? Join us for a free webinar and hear testimonials from staff at the national and local affiliate Leadership Foundation mentoring programs that had input into program development, have completed the training, implemented it in their program, and applied SOC’s lessons with their mentors and mentees.

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