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Katie Stump, Research Scientist

Katie Stump, PhD
iRT Research Scientist
Doctorate in Developmental Psychology,
University of Kansas

Katie Stump, Ph.D., is a Research Scientist at innovation Research & Training. Dr. Stump received her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from University of Kansas with a minor in Quantitative Psychology. Her broad research interests include children’s peer relations and social development with a specific focus on power dynamics and friendship networks. At iRT, Dr. Stump’s work has concentrated on mentoring of at-risk youth.

Currently, Dr. Stump is the Project Director for the Mentee Risk Status and Mentor Training project, an OJJDP-funded project designed to develop a youth relationship risk tool that can be used by mentoring programs and to create research-based, best practice recommendations about the most effect methods of mentor training and support.


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