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Shiesha McNeil, Research Assistant


Shiesha McNeil

Research Assistant

BA, Psychology

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Shiesha McNeil received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Prior to joining iRT, she worked in the UNC-CH Developmental Risk and Resilience Lab as a research assistant.  Her research interests focus on the effect of early life trauma on the adjustment of children and adolescents. As a research assistant at iRT, Shiesha will focus on the organization’s mentoring projects.  Specifically, she will aid iRT researchers in evaluating new mentoring program practice enhancements designed to serve the needs of youth whose parents are incarcerated.  iRT is working with researchers from the University of Massachusetts at Boston’s Center for Evidence Based Mentoring (CEBM) to enhance existing mentoring programs to serve children of incarcerated parents and evaluate the new approach.